January 26th, 2014 at 1:11PM

How to style quirky Korean designs in a Parisian-inspired shoot

By Elisa, Chief Wanderer and Wandering Minds Founder

At Wandering Minds, we’re all about mixing pieces from Seoul, Copenhagen, Paris and Sydney to create an outfit that is uniquely yours. This is the type of styling that really gets us going. Company magazine did this wonderfully in their February issue, teaming our houndstooth fluted skirt by indie Korean label Outstanding Ordinary and our relaxed navy striped top by Seoul-based RocketxLunch with other labels in a shoot taking place in Paris.

Houndstooth fluted skirt, £39

While the effortless elegance of Parisian style is the overall style direction, the individual quirkiness of each of the pieces chosen create an eclectic feel that gives classic French style a complete overhaul.

Relaxed striped top with star elbow patches, £39

January 12th, 2014 at 2:01PM


By Rita Canto, Wandering Minds social media queen and Camden Passage store resident

When people talk about new years resolutions my instant thought is “that great big list of unrealistic life changing plans we set ourselves to accomplish in very little time”. And the reality is, most of the time they are pretty unrealistic and by February all those grand ideas of going to the gym 4 times a week, only eating super healthy organic meals, and drinking 2 litres of water a day seem like a distant silly thought you once had (a month ago).

And why? Well, personally I think we’re too hard on ourselves. We set the stakes too high, only to give up before even getting close to our goal.

That said, I do think resolutions are important. That feeling of starting up fresh, rebooting your life and starting a new cycle. It’s the best feeling in the world! But it seems so unfair to make all these life changing decisions without even getting a taste of what the new year will bring. You should have some guidelines from the start, they help you keep motivated, but also be ready to change them if that’s what feels right.

So for 2014 I choose not to be so hard on myself. I will have (semi-grand) goals but also leave space for improvisation and most importantly make resolutions I can actually keep!

Starting with my biggest (and hardest) resolution for the new year, a massive wardrobe clean up. My boyfriend says I’m a borderline fashion hoarder, and he’s probably right. My accumulation of clothes from nearly all different eras of vintage fashion has gone a bit out of hand. So I’ve made the decision to only keep the truly special items (but they’re all so pretty!) and renew my wardrobe with brand new wardrobe staples. It will be a hard task to depart from items that I love so dearly, but it’s a necessary one.

To avoid replacing all my clothes with an equal ammount of new ones that I’ll never wear, I’ve made a list of 7 absolute essential items for this season. Which I will have to follow religiously, along with the ocassional little treat, of course.


  1. The perfect long-sleeve t-shirt
  2. The cool skirt
  3. The special little dress
  4. The perfect everyday knit
  5. The perfect winter coat
  6. The cool sweater
  7. The little black dress


December 19th, 2013 at 5:02PM


By Rita Canto, Wandering Minds social media queen and Camden Passage store resident

Christmas shopping can be a hard task. You run around town all day seeing all those amazing things that you would love to buy for yourself, but need to stay focused on that extensive gift list for friends and family. And let’s face it, sometimes you end up buying presents for yourself instead. But hey, it’s Christmas right? You have dinners and parties to attend and the fact that “that amazing dress is perfect for New Years Eve, and you probably need a necklace to go with it” is a good enough excuse. We all do it.

And that is why I’ve made a selection of my favorite items this season that are perfect for giving to the ones you love (and that includes yourself).  


Daisy knitted jumper 

Little black velvet dress   

Grey and beige minimalist varsity jacket 

Effortless black chevron jumpsuit

Clean quilted cropped sweater 

Black biker coat with leather accents


Transparent peacock print clutch 

Double spike gold-plated ring

Blue braided suede and chain bracelet

Spike gold-plated ring

Moonrock printed silk and cotton scarf

Chain necklace with rough amethyst pendants

December 3rd, 2013 at 2:38PM


By Rita Canto, Wandering Minds social media queen and Camden Passage store resident

I am loving this season’s knitwear craze - the cosy oversized jumpers inspired by 90s minimalism, the chunky black & white marl knits and the super fun co-ords are really taking over this winter and I’m enjoying having such a broad selection of cosy and cool items to wear. 

Every winter I would dread having to wear boring knits just to keep me from freezing, so I would layer up a trillion items of clothing and wish for summer to come back fast. This season I’m actually enjoying that it’s cold so I can wear cool knits without compromising my style. Nothing like a trend that’s actually practical, right?

That is why I’ve made a compilation of this season’s must-have knits, all designed to make you feel extra warm and looking extra cool this winter, all available in-store and online at ourwanderingminds.com.

The knitted daisy lace grey jumper from Korean label Grace Raiment


The daisy mix & match knitted co-ord by Korean label Margarin Fingers


The chunky black marl knit with zippers by Copenhagen label Mbym


The oversized texture black zigzag knit by Korean label Grace Raiment


November 3rd, 2013 at 3:23PM

Grace Raiment - AW13

By Rita Canto, Wandering Minds social media queen and Camden Passage store resident.

Korean label Grace Raiment just launched their new AW13 collection and I’m completely in love. We’re shooting the collection next week so you can’t shop for it online yet (soon, very son!), but I thought I would wet your fashion appetite and give you a sneak preview anyway.

This season, the label has taken their trademark delicate silhouettes and intricate details to a new level, creating an amazing collection that I just can’t get enough of. 

The stunning silhouettes remind me of a clean neo-romantic version of 70s Biba, like a modern take on Victoriana that is girly, fun and super unique.

I love the delicate palette of colours and the way they play with fabric layers and transparencies. One of my favorite pieces has to be the zig-zag knit jumper, with its textured layers of complex knitting techniques. Combine it with a floaty midi skirt and you have an absolutely dreamy outfit! We have this awesome knit in white or black, and I want both.


I think what I love the most about this collection is that each piece is so special on its own that you could wear it with a basic and have an instantly cool outfit. Effortless and fun!

Find it now at our two London stores, and online next week (Promise!)




June 25th, 2013 at 6:13PM

White & Texture

By Anna Wiese, Wandering Minds intern and pop-up store resident queen

People say white is the ‘colour’ for summer. So far so good. Strictly speaking, white isn’t a colour. Says the physicist. In fashion sense it is. 

I like white. White has recently moved from being all innocent and pure but slightly boring, towards cool styles that play with different levels of transparency, weave and knitting structures or origami-like effects. A white garment lets the structure, the fabric and the cut work for itself since there is no colour that would somehow give a sexy/flashy/mysterious undertone.

White is cool and the person wearing it automatically communicates a certain classiness and, if worn in the right way, a sense of style that is much more laid back than any other colour could be. 

I for myself love structured whites that play with that tiny bit of sexy chic without deliberately showing too much. Key items and personal favourites of mine I have listed here for you. Luckily you can get them all at our store at Boxpark, Shoreditch or online http://ourwanderingminds.com/ :)


Edgy lace top by Danish label Modström 


Preppy intricate lace blouse by Korean label Beny & Hizzin


Sleeveless striped white blouse with contrasting back by Korean label Grace Raiment


Quietly edgy white phantom dress by Australian label Stylestalker


Effortless pleated textured white blouse with contrasting back and sleeves by Korean label Grace Raiment

June 15th, 2013 at 1:02PM

Je t’aime, Jane

By Anna Wiese, Wandering Minds intern and pop-up store resident queen

So last week I wrote about Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon. Some might think that writing about Jane Birkin, their mother, this week seems a bit uninspired. To those people I happily reply: Have you seen this woman?! Jane Birkin, English born actress, living in Paris since the sixties, first proper It-girl whose style embodies a laid-back bohemia that just feels so French. Funnily enough, Elisa, chief wanderer, has done it exactly the other way round: born in France, living in London now. If that isn’t reason enough to take a closer look, Jane’s signature look, that sexy Parisian tomboy style, is still totally up to date. She is the free-spirited 60s original boho chick whose style has influenced generation after generation.

Feminine, yet not too girlie, combining little dresses with androgynous flats. She loved white lace, crochet or broderie anglaise.


Our version of the white lace dress:


Shift dresses make your legs look endless. Jane knows it.



Our modernised versions by Note the Growth and Beny & Hizzin:


To add impact, combine your shift dress, shorts or miniskirt with knitted over the knee socks. Never looks overdone and stretches your legs into unknown heights.


Get them online:



As a Brit girl in Paris Jane has a weakness for breton stripes. Makes every outfit look appropriate and fresh. 



Get your share of Bretonness with our open back bow dress and long sleeve striped top, both by Grace Raiment:



June 10th, 2013 at 5:38PM

Style inspiration: Jane’s daughters

By Anna Wiese, Wandering Minds intern and pop-up store resident queen

Say the name Birkin and most of us will have an image in mind of iconic Jane, actress, singer, muse, namesake of the famous Birkin bag, and, yes, mother of 3 daughters, two of which are proper It Girls themselves: Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon. Not to mention awesome actresses, talented singers, muses and models.


Charlotte Gainsbourg

London-born Jane grew up as the swinging 60s were taking over but soon moved to Paris where she met Serge Gainsbourg, another French icon, and they had a daughter together, Charlotte Gainsbourg, born 1971. Serge and Jane divorced in 1980 and she began dating French film director Jacques Doillon - daughter Lou was born in 1982.


Serge and Jane

So Charlotte and Lou. They keep popping up, in magazines, blogs… Not in a starlet-It-girl way. Rather, they are the type of girls who aren’t in the headlines but who make you look at twice. They’re interesting. I look at them and want to know more about them. I’m normally not the person to adore celebrity styles. But those two I find somehow… inspiring.

I recently watched The Science of Sleep again, a beautiful surrealistic comedy with Charlotte starring in it (never watched Antichrist which is probably the exact opposite. No, not for me). The next day a friend of mine recommended Lou’s album ‘Places' to me so on my sunday morning train ride, whilst listening to it, I started skipping through pictures of the two and was amazed by their effortless cool style. Both somewhat tomboyish, yet feminine, they seem to perfectly embody the Parisian arty, bobo aesthetics.


Loui Doillon

Lou has her trademark spunkiness while Charlotte is more classy and classic, in a way you can probably only be when growing up in in the arty French Birkin-Gainsbourg-Doillon-clan.


Charlotte Gainsbourg


Lou Doillon

May 5th, 2013 at 1:43PM

Our pop-up store: the story

by Elisa, Chief Wandered and Wandering Minds Founder

The blog has been a bit abandoned lately (and that’s quite the understatement), but I have a pretty damn good excuse. We opened our first ever pop-up store a little less than a month ago, and running an e-store AND a brick-and-mortar store at the same time is not easy.

Let me tell you how it all happened. A few months ago I attended a networking event for entrepreneurs at my old university (Oxford). This was my first networking event, and let’s be honest I’m pretty sh*t at it. And yet, on that day I met one of the founders of We Are Pop-Up, a start-up specialising in linking small businesses with pop-up spaces. He encouraged me to take part in a competition that they organised with Boxpark, the pop-up mall based in the heart of hip Shoreditch in East London. 

So a couple of days later, co-founder James and I were pitching to Boxpark management, and well, we ended up winning 6 weeks free rent at Boxpark.

We opened our store on 11th April, after a couple of sleepless nights spent bringing all the stock and merchandising the space nicely. We had a party that night, where friends, online fans and strangers mingled and had a jolly good time. 

How has it been going so far? Surprisingly and remarkably well. We’ve been able to get direct feedback on our products and get a grasp of the wide variety of customers Wandering Minds can cater to: from 20-something hipsters to the coolest German grandmother who must have been in her late 70s. It has been so cool to see how so many different people could fall in love with our products. 

Come visit, we’re there until May 22nd. 

April 17th, 2013 at 12:32PM
The interior of our little store in boxpark

The interior of our little store in boxpark

March 14th, 2013 at 2:01PM

Style obsession: Midori in Norwegian Wood

By Elisa, Wandering Minds founder and Chief Wanderer

I’m not sure how to start this post, but basically over the last few days I’ve been obsessing about a Japanese film (We’re creating a dedicated Tokyo page on our store where you will be able to shop cool stuff from there, so I needed inspiration) I saw a couple of years ago.  This film made a deep and lasting impression on me, and I’ve just to tell you guys about it and see if anyone else shares my obsession.

I’m talking about the film Norwegian Wood, based on an equally awesome novel with the same title, which basically tells the story of a love triangle - or a square, or even a pentagon at times - in 1960s Tokyo.

Now let’s establish a couple of facts: 1. I’m obsessed with Tokyo 2. I’m obsessed with the 1960s, and let’s add a third one, 3. I’m obsessed with visually stunning films.

Norwegian Wood ticks all the above boxes. The whole film is dreamily beautiful, but what I want to talk about is a character that has become a major style inspiration for me: the devious, unattainable (except when she wants to), too-cool-for-school Midori, whose style, haircut, clothes and attitude I want. You could safely say I want to be her. 

First, she has the most amazing sharp, slightly asymmetric bob, which is usually not my thing (I’m a long hair kind of girl), but her haircut is a DREAM, and she often wears a wonderfully simple hair pin on the side of her parting.

Second, the clothes. She manages to look slightly conservative and devastatingly sexy, the best combination ever as far as I’m concerned. She wears cool little pleated skirts, combined with short-sleeve knits in preppy stripes or geometric patterns, or bright and structured mini shift dresses, finished off by coats with an androgynous feel.

Guys, just download the sh*t out of this film. It’s worth it.

February 11th, 2013 at 6:01PM

Why we love Korean labels: Margarin Fingers

By Elisa, Wandering Minds Founder and Chief Wanderer

You may have noticed that our little online store is full of Korean brands, from small indie-labels and one-man/woman operation to up-and-coming brands already very popular with the cool crowds of Seoul and Tokyo.



Our latest collaboration with a Korean label, Margarin Fingers

Why do we love Korean labels so much at Wandering Minds? It certainly isn’t the easy option. Dealing with Korean brands often involves a lot of communication problems, which can often be solved only by actually going there (which is great fun and we do often, but still not the most convenient thing when your office is in London). And there’s also the problem of sizing, with most brands only catering for a standard UK size 8, XS/S frame, which is not exactly inclusive nor representative of the reality of what girls look like in the West. 

But our enthusiasm for Korean fashion brands remains undeterred by these difficulties, and here’s why: when we go to Korea to check out clothes and find new designers, we always, always get excited by what we see; I can’t say the same of European trade shows, which, let’s be honest, are quite a bore (and I’m off to Pure London trade show tomorrow, oh joy!)

Korean designers always seem to create things you didn’t even know you wanted. Effortless silhouettes with the coolest little details. Take our most recent designer collaboration, Margarin Fingers. When I saw their collection of simple separates embroidered with, wait for it, icebergs, I started laughing. But immediately afterwards I felt that I had always wanted to own a light grey sweater with icebergs on it, as well as, amongst other things, an asymmetric manga-school-girl pleated skorts. I just didn’t know I did.




January 19th, 2013 at 9:00AM

How Wandering Minds is doing: Founder’s interview

By Elisa Eymery, Chief Wanderer at Wandering Minds

Our friend of many years, Lucie Goulet, writes the brilliant blog Fashion Abecedaire, which features her thoughts and opinions on the fashion industry, articles about her favourite films and TV series, and the odd bitching session about something that annoyed her. She interviewed me as part of her blogger’s adventure feature. I’ve copied her blog post, because, well, I’m saying really interesting things in it, so you’d better read it.

I met Elisa Eymery on my fifth day of living in the UK. I was looking for the infirmary at the French lycée and she happened to know where it was. She was wearing a Nile blue top with jeans and a tonal scarf instead of a belt, which I thought very cool. Nine years on, we’ve been to the same university, lived in the same student halls, hosted a radio show and been on holidays to Cairo together.

Last year, Elisa, freshly returned from a six-months trip to Asia, launched a project she’d been talking about since her student days:Wandering Minds, an online young fashion store stocking emerging, unknown brands sourced during her travels*.

The store has a buddy blog, No Experience, which features the behind-the-scenes of a fashion start-up as well as Elisa’s buying trips. I asked her about the importance of blogging to support an emerging fashion business, on the role of content marketing in generating sales and on her successful partnerships with bloggers.

Why did you decide to title the blog No Experience?

We wanted the name of the blog to reflect another aspect of our identify as a fashion start-up. Our store name, Wandering Minds, reflects the fact that we’re all about travelling and exploring the world to find cool, eclectic pieces.

No Experience emphasises the ‘young start-up’ aspect of our business, which we are quite proud of, although it also comes with challenges. We have no (or at least very little) experience in the fashion industry, or any industry for that matter, as the average age of our team is 25, but that’s not a bad thing. It pushes us to think logically and creatively, and to rely heavily on our instincts as young fashion consumers.

Why was it important for you to have a blog alongside your online store?

In business terms, it is unthinkable for online fashion stores not to have a blog. It allows us to express our personality as a retailer and it inspires trust amongst our potential customers. Trust remains a major issue for unknown brands/stores online, so having a well-developed, up-to-date blog definitely helps establishing confidence.


The blog is split into five sections, Behind-the-scenes being my personal favourite. How do you decide what to post and how do you make sure it stays true to the Wandering Minds ethos? 

Behind-the-scenes is also my favourite section, but it is the most difficult to write. We always wanted to talk about the behind-the-scenes of running a fashion start-up, because it is fascinating and not many people write about it. But we’re also trying to portray ourselves as an established company, as we don’t want people to think we don’t know what we’re doing. Everything we do, from photoshoots to our fulfillment process, is on a very low budget. It’s the only way for us to survive as a company, and most people don’t even seem to notice; we get emails from people who seem to think we are a multinational sometimes!

So we’re in a bit of a dilemma at the moment regarding the tone of the blog: do we take a risk and emphasise the ‘home-made’ aspect of Wandering Minds, or do we try and emphasise other aspects unrelated to the start-up life, such as our fashion viewpoint, our sources of inspiration…

You sell an extended selection of products in the store but only feature a few on the blog - how do you choose them? 

I used to always add links to our products in our blog posts, but I don’t feel obliged to any more. I try to write about things I really want to write about, so that the tone of the blog doesn’t feel forced or overly commercial. There are other places to do hard selling, and I don’t feel our blog is the right place for that.

That being said, if I write about my style inspiration, whether it’s a style icon or a really cool movie, I sometimes include links and photos of our products that would really work if our reader would want to emulate that style, and for that reason the products that I feature are often my favourite ones.

Have you noticed a link between the products you feature and how well something sells? 

No I haven’t. However, I find that people who have first read the blog, and then visited the store, are a lot more committed to browsing the store, as well as finding more about our company and our concept. Our blog visitors spend quite a bit of time on the ‘about us’ page on our store. The blog definitely has been a great way to create a positive bias towards who we are as a company.


Why did you decide to blog on Tumblr?

We really weren’t sure which platform to use at first, but Tumblr seemed the easiest one to customise nicely, as well as having a social element with the dashboard and people being able to follow you very easily.

However we’re increasingly thinking about switching or also having a Wordpress blog, because it also seems like a great platform for people to stumble upon content they might like.

Quite a few bloggers have worn your clothes recently. What role are bloggers playing in the expansion of a recently launched startup like yours?

Bloggers have a huge direct impact on our sales performance. Whatever a blogger wears, their fans will buy! They can become quite angry when a particular item of clothing worn by their favourite blogger sells out, which is quite funny. Blogger collaborations are crucial to the survival of our business, and is also one of the cheapest and most effective way to promote our store.

For prospective customers who hadn’t heard about us through bloggers, it gives us additional credibility since a lot of people visit our press page, where we record the blog posts where we are featured.

How do you see No Experience evolve in 2013?

We need to find the right balance between sharing our start-up experience with our followers and keeping enough distance to be taken seriously.

We also need to write a lot more often, and I’d like to link our newly created Instagram account to our blog, to give a new dimension to the Wandering Minds behind-the-scenes narration.

Another big step for the blog will be the launch of our ‘shop by city’ feature on the store, where shoppers will be able to shop designers from a wide range of cool fashion cities. This new dimension will be accompanied by the creation of city-specific content by local bloggers, which should make for some very interesting and unique points of view to be shared on the blog.

* Full disclosure: I have been involved with the Wandering Minds adventure, in a moral support and at times advisory capacity.

January 1st, 2013 at 6:24PM

New year style resolution: sticking to one’s guns

By Elisa, Wandering Minds Founder and Chief Wanderer.

January 1st means only one thing for me: new year’s resolutions. I am aware of the recent re-emergence of the ‘New Year’s resolutions are unhealthy’ school of thought, with the whole thing about continually improving while being accepting of oneself being very trendy.

To heck with that, I’m a huge sucker for NY resolutions, in fact I LOVE them, and that’s that. This year, one of my resolution pertains to my own personal style.

I have decided to try and stick to my guns. The last couple of years have been very much about experimenting with different styles, from LA casual to Kate Moss grunge chic, and it has been fun - well, actually, I’m lying, it hasn’t. In fact it’s been very frustrating trying to emulate styles that didn’t come naturally to me.

So, I’ve decided to stick to what I really like. Things that suit my body but most importantly my personality, aesthetics and all-time aspiration. I love preppy things. I love navy blue. I love short, pleated skirts. I love boring - but perfectly cut - wool jumpers. I love a piece of black velvet ribbon around a high, bouncy ponytail. I love knee-high socks, and simple ballet flats. I love effortless loose buns and long, wavy hair.





My style icons are preppy queens, from Ali Mc Graw in Love Story, Katharine Ross in The Graduate, Jane Birkin, Kirsten Dunst and yes, Alexa Chung, to name but a few.



But I also love prints, colours, and cool textures, whether it be smooth leather or chunky wool, and fortunately these work really well with a preppy, neat but nonetheless sexy silhouette. So, for me, 2013 will all be about accepting and expressing one’s true style, this sort-of-coherent image that you find yourself attracted to times and times again.




December 21st, 2012 at 3:04AM

Famous Fan: Jen from the Native Fox

By Elisa, Wandering Minds Founder and Chief Wanderer

I almost chocked with joy when I saw Jennifer, from San Diego-based blog the Native Fox, wearing our light grey fitted cable jumper. Why? Firstly, because I have a huge crush on the girl, I won’t go into too much details about why that is, but I’ll give you a hint: LEGS. 


Secondly, although I generally admire her style and have serious cases of wardrobe-jealousy when browsing her blog, I have a personal preference for her more casual outfits, because she always manages to add carefully chosen touches of glamour, thereby ending up looking a bit preppy but most importantly totally rad. 

So when she wore our perfectly preppy jumper, and combined it with shooort denim cut-offs, Isabelle Marant ankle boots and the coolest little satchel bag, I was in style heaven.